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External SSD Devices: A Convenient and Versatile Offline Backup Solution

External SSD for work

With the ubiquity of cloud storage and backup services, more and more people are utilizing the convenience of storing their files online. However, even encrypted cloud backups are not foolproof from the dramatic rise in modern cyberthreats. In fact, many experts recommend creating an air gap as a precaution against online threats: securing an offline copy of data on a device that is physically separate from the primary—literally creating a gap of air between the data source and the data backup so it is free from cyberthreats.

This is where Buffalo’s portable SSD storage devices come into play. Buffalo SSDs come in capacities of, and support 500TB and 1TB native USB 3.2 and are plug-and-play on almost any standard computer for effortless setup and use. Buffalo’s portable SSDs offer unmatched file backup versatility and performance, all in a durable and compact device that fits in your pocket.

The Reliability and Security of Solid State Drives

One of SSD’s most celebrated traits is the fact that it contains no moving parts, instead using flash memory for data. This means improved efficiency and greatly increased durability, as the lack of moving parts minimizes chances of components breaking due to general wear and tear from use. And when files are stored on an external drive, you have the ability to simply disconnect the drive once backup is finished, preventing them from being compromised by computer viruses and other malware.

Buffalo’s portable SSD storage comes in a cover-to-cover rugged design for shock-resistance and overall drop protection, and registered devices enjoy a three-year warranty, so your data stays safe no matter where you are.

Unmatched Speeds and Versatility

Solid state drives are renowned for their lightning-fast file read/write speeds that top out at many times than that of HDDs. Most HDDs will run between 5400 and 7200 RPM and deliver a read/write speed of 50—160 MB/s. On the other hand, SSDs can easily deliver read/write speeds between 200—600 MB/s, or about four times faster. Buffalo’s portable SSDs will outshine typical external HDDs, allowing you to enjoy quicker file access and backups, as well as reduced load times for files and applications. When backing up files, you can simply save files to the external SSD in the blink of an eye instead of having to upload them to the cloud. The fast read speed even licenses you to multi-task, allowing you to edit files straight from the drive when it is connected to a computer without suffering performance issues.

The speed and portability of Buffalo SSDs offer must-have flexibility in today’s fast-paced world of media. No matter if you’re a college student, a creative specialist, or a business professional, you can easily store and carry your projects and data everywhere with you. Buffalo’s portable SSD can handle just about any type of file you need to—whether it’s work or play, you can take it to go.

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Buffalo’s Portable Backup Solution

With the capacity, speed, and durability of Buffalo’s portable solid state drives, you can enjoy top performance and versatility while keeping your data safe. Buffalo SSDs are the perfect choice if you need to have your data both secure and on-the-go, as you can effortlessly back up, access, or edit files anywhere without needing to be at the mercy of an internet connection. The durability of the SSD and its compact form factor means you can comfortably carry all your files in your pocket with peace of mind.

Buffalo prides itself in offering reliable and easy-to-use data storage products along with award-winning customer service and 24/7 North America-based support. For more information about Buffalo Americas Inc. and its products, please visit

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